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I Teach Skateboarding
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Chris Yandall - 1975 Downhill World Slalom Skateboard Champion - Skateboard Legend - Hall of Famer
"One of the best downhill skateboarders, ever!" Dale Smith

Legendary skateboard pioneer, Chris Yandall, from back in the early 70's is back at it again. His first love, downhill cruising highspeed asphalt turns and as of recent www.pumpyourdeck.com. Recent development and innovator of SKOGGING (using both legs to propel your skateboard), a blend of skateboarding and jogging. Super sensational groove moves to add to any forward-thinking stride.

What's an old pro to do in his latter years where he still feels his oats but doesn't have the teenage spring he used to have? Time to share! www.skateboardlessons.us. Get a lesson from a real pro! Beginners to Advanced! Chris skates everyday and he's in his 50's! Many older skaters are proving the desire outweighs the hard surface challenges. And it's time for Chris to share his uncanny skill of skogging TM

Chris grew up in Imperial Beach and gained notoreity in Pacific Beach (San Diego). Invite Chris to spice up your fitness program with the technique of skogging. Whether it's a crash course or a bootcamp, he's ready to turn you on to a balancing act you'll take into your 90's! Got Skog? Get it down!

Chris, Mari, Shannon, Justin
Your Kids Carry The Torch
    Skateboard Resume
    • 1st Place 1974 San Diego City Championships P.B. Kate Sessions
    • 1st Place 1975 Bahne-Cadillac Nationals Del Mar, CA
    • 1st Place 1975 World Slalom Championships San Diego - Murphy Stadium
    • 1st Place 2007 Pumphouse Legends Race
    • Innovator: Samoan Squat, Spheelie, Skogging, One Foot Skating, Christies(one leg), Barefoot High Speed runs, 70MPH Runs in the 1970's, Bowl Rolls(G&S), World Contest 1975 Tracker Trucks born(CBS Sports Spectacular), Snowwboarding behind Snowmobiles in the 70's in Michigan and the first to ride ditches with snowboards.

Chris love's to sidewalk surf these days. Anyone remember how cool "sidewalk surfing" used to be? Well it's being brought back. You don't have to fly 50 ft. in the air or leap down 100 foot steps and rails to have fun on a skateboard. Ollie's are over-rated! Fun isn't! Turning your skateboard into a workout gym takes some analyzing to incorporate current skateboard techniques for exercise. He can help you surf the sidewalks again! email and lose weight.

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